Message to Venus – Over and Done (Official Video)

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Victims & Villains Available NOW!

New album VICTIMS & VILLAINS available NOW! Featuring 10 new tracks including the hit singles HOLLOW and OVER AND DONE. Download it today!

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[OVER AND DONE Music Video Premiere] Watch it NOW on!

We’ve teamed up with Revolver to launch the music video for our new single OVER AND DONE!

Watch it now HERE.

Drummer JuanMa Font told Revolver: “There are many reasons for us to be excited for ‘Over and Done,’ like the fact that we got to work again with movie director Andres Ramirez, but mostly because this is the first video where we get to act out a story. The four of us tried to come up with a plot we could do in a minimalist setting. We did around a million revisions with each iteration getting more and more minimalist until the point where everything could be shot in two days or less, which was what we were aiming for. After the band had agreed on that final version, we then worked out the final, but probably most important, details with Andrés: nailing down how the story related the shots, the locations that we wanted to use and of course how that affected our shooting time and budget. We all agreed on two locations: the huge sound stage in Miami for the performance parts and our very own apartment for the story parts.”

Frontman Jandre Nadal added: “Working again with Andres Ramirez was a great experience; he’s the photography director, envisions everything, directs, camera man, editor. He pours himself into the whole process. We had a blast shooting this video and are very proud of the end result.”

Now at #49 on BDS Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart and #24 on RadioContraband’s Under The Radar Chart, OVER AND DONE can be purchased on iTunes at:

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