Revolver Magazine Premieres Hollow

Revover Magazine Premieres Hollow

We’ve teamed with Revolver Magazine to launch the first single from ‘Victims & Villains,’ “Hollow.”

Stream “Hollow” directly from Revolver Magazine’s website at this location:

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Contribute With Our Indiegogo And Help Us Release Our New Album!


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The same applies to an album that goes unheard. And we want to be heard!

That’s why we’ve decided to make our new album available to you, our closest fans, in advance of the official release date. With your support, we can raise the money needed to properly release and promote our new album, Victims & Villains. For your contribution, you’ll receive exclusive perks in return, from an autographed copy of the new album, a limited edition poster to even having your own personalized comic book!

We feel very proud of what we achieved with Victims & Villains… It was recorded in its entirety in San Juan, Puerto Rico with producer Leo Alvarez. The end result is an album that pushed each one of us physically and musically and the sound is massive!

We’re also very excited about our new graphic novel we’ve created based on the M2V Universe! We’ve been dreaming of this project for a long time and it’s now reality. Written by us and illustrated by Neftali Cruz Luciano, it will be exclusively available through this campaign. With the money we raise via this crowd-funding campaign we’ll be able to:

• Shoot a music video for the first single off the album (Directed by Andres Ramirez, who directed the video for Universal You)

• Run a publicity campaign

• Tour in support of this release

This is the ONLY way to pre-order a physical copy of Victims & Villains. We’ll start sending out orders as soon as the campaign ends. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Remember, YOU are a huge part of this band because you are the fuel that keeps us going! We rely on your support and in return we continue to work hard to bring you the best music we can make!

Thanks in advance and mad love from Jandre, John, JuanMa and Edgar!

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Victims & Villains Is Coming…

Listen to COLD & GREY, a taste of our upcoming album VICTIMS & VILLAINS…

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